Search in a Therapeutic Environment

Search in a therapeutic environment

We Provide Healthcare Staff

With accredited training to help them gain the necessary skills to search patients, their belongings and the care environment.
This programme has been certified by the RCN Centre for Professional Accreditation, with the  accreditation valid until January 18th 2018 and applying only to the educational content of the programme excluding any product.

Our One-Day Training Programme

Focuses on search of a patient, their belongings and the care environment  

1-day RCN-accredited programme: minimum 10 trainees  
This one-day training programme prepares staff to gain the necessary practical skills to carry out search of a patient, their belongings and the care environment. It also prepares staff to consider the professional, legal and ethical aspects of the procedure. Completion of training will ensure that staff and patients are safeguarded when carrying out this very sensitive procedure.

Learning outcomes 

 Having discussed the principles of search 
 Having discussed the reasons why we carry out searches 
 Having observed a personal search 
 Having participated in a personal search 
 Having read the procedure in relation to searches requiring the removal of clothing 
 Having had the opportunity to use a hand-held metal detector 
 Having participated in an area search 
 Having completed a search report
 Having read the HSCT Policy/Procedure in relation to Personal and Property Searches 

Best Practice provides

Throughout the programme, trainees will be given the opportunity to explore professional, legal and ethical implications of searching in a care environment and alternatives to searching in the context of risk management. Trainees will have the opportunity to examine how Local Search policy marries with other relevant local policy, for example privacy and dignity, management of actual and potential aggression, misuse of substances. 

The seven principles of searching will be imbedded through discussion and trainees will have the opportunity to explore case scenarios relevant to the care context using them in a therapeutic environment .
 Person-centred approach 
 Therapeutic procedure (balancing security needs with a therapeutic milieu) 
 Communication (with the patients/carers, within the ward, within the organisation, documentation, quality assurance and good governance) 
 Planning and safety

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